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Ebooks: Downloading/Uploading Ebooks

Guide to using Ebooks in DeTamble Library

Ebooks can be viewed and read online without being downloaded.

Download when you want to read on a portable device/ebook reader.

All of the downloadable eBooks require you to install software called Adobe Digital Editions (ADE). This software is free to download.

See the guides on this page for step by step instructions for using ADE, downloading, and transferring.

Can I use my Kindle, Nook, or other device to read ebook?

You can download many of the eBooks in the EBSCOhost, or the Open Library Collection to ePub-compatible devices such as the Nook, Sony Reader, iPad, Android devices, and others. 

NC LIVE ebooks are not fully supported for download on Kindle devices, although some ebook collections offer unprotected PDFs that can be downloaded to a Kindle, such as Gale Ebooks and Testing & Education Reference Center.

If you have a Kindle Fire, you can read NC LIVE ebooks in the browser while connected to Wi-Fi.

  Go here to learn more about saving pages as a pdf that can then be loaded on your Kindle.  This will only allow you to save up to 60 pages at a time.  Not all publishers allow the 60 pages.  If this happens, try printing/saving less pages.


Most of the DeTamble Library ebooks are protected by DRM (Digital Rights Management) systems.  

ATTENTION: Ebooks that are "DRM-protected" CAN be downloaded to a DeTamble Library computer and transferred to an ereader. The required software (ADE) has been installed. DRM systems control the use of digital content, such as downloadable songs, DVDs and CDs, games, and of course, e-books.

Databases containing DRM-protected ebooks are: 

*EBSCO Ebooks and Audio Books       *MyiLibrary       *Open Library

To download DRM-protected library ebooks, you need Adobe® Digital Editions (ADE) software.  

  • ADE allows you to download and read material protected by DRM, as well as to purchase digital content which can be read online and offline
  • ADE supports industry-standard ebook formats, such as EPUB, Mobi, and HTML. For more information on ADE, see FAQ and compatible edevices.

To download a DRM-protected book to your edevice, follow these steps in this order:

  1. Download ADE software [free] onto your personal computer
  2. Download the ebook to your personal computer
  3. During install, *do* choose to "authorize" your computer with a free Adobe ID - this lets you download DRM-protected books to your edevice
  4. Sync the computer with your edevice
  5. Transfer the ebook from your computer to your edevice

Kindle Users: ADE does NOT support any Amazon Kindle ereaders

You cannot install ADE on an iPad.  ADE will install on a MAC. You can use ADE to download ebooks to your Windows PC or to your MAC, and

then use iTunes to transfer the ebook to your iPad or an iPhone. You must also have the Bluefire Application to read.

1. Download Bluefire Reader for Ipad.

2. Authorize with an Adobe ID. You must login with the same ID you use to download in ADE.

Authorization is a simple process where you're asked to enter an Adobe ID and password so that your copy of Bluefire Reader is able to read Adobe eBooks.

When Bluefire Reader launches for the first time, it asks if you'd like to authorize the application. If this is not the first time you're opening the application, you can authorize or de-authorize from the application's Info Screen. To bring up the Info Screen, select the Info button from the Main Toolbar of the application.

If the application has not yet been authorized, simply tap the Authorize button in the Info screen to start the process. You'll be prompted for your Adobe ID and password. If you don't already have an Adobe ID, tap the red button in the upper right-hand corner to get one.

3. Transferring eBooks

For iPad, you can use iTunes to transfer files between your computer and an app (Bluefire) on your device that supports file sharing.

1. Connect your iPad to your computer.

2. In iTunes, select your device (below Devices), and click the Apps button.

3. Scroll down to the "File Sharing" section. Select the Bluefire Reader app from the list, and click Add.

4. In the window that appears, select a file to transfer, and click Choose. If you bought a DRM-protected Adobe eBook, it should be in a folder called "My Digital Editions" which is in your "My Documents" folder.

The file is then transferred to your device, and can be opened in the app you selected in step 3.

The five basic steps for uploading an ebook to an ereader are:

1. Connect your ereader to your computer using its USB cable.

2. Download an ebook to your computer and save it in Adobe Digital Editions.

3. Open Adobe Digital Editions and your ereader will automatically appear in your ADE library

4."Grab and Drag" the ebook to your ereader. Congratulations! The uploaded ebook is now on your ereader.

5. Safely eject your ereader from your computer and you will see the uploaded ebook within your device.

 Help for specific ereaders:  NOTE- YouTube offers many good videos on how to upload ebooks onto different ereaders.