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Careers & Grad School Guide: Fnding Jobs

Library resources to launch your career, business, or pursuing graudate studies.

Search Strategies to Pinpoint the Right Job

When searching and other job posting sites, use the following search strategies to find exactly what you're looking for.

  1. Search for Phrases in Quotation Marks
    • Example: Search "special education" to find jobs in educational technology
  2. Use AND & OR (Boolean Search Logic) in All Caps to String Together Search Keywords
    • Example: "public relations" AND non-profit to search for public relations jobs in non-profit organizations
    • Example: "public relations" OR communications to search for jobs that use related words or words that are used interchangebly
  3. Search Variations of Words Using the Root Word + an Asterisk (*)
    • Example: Search tech* to find technology, technician, technologist, etc.

Library Resources for Finding Jobs