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PHI212 - T. Verhey: Finding Articles

Research resources for Dr. Verhey's 2022 section of PHI212 Intro to Ethics.

Find Articles

Find scholarly articles related to ethics and ethical issues. 

Tips for Finding Articles

How do I narrow my topic?

Limit your searches by dates, subject, geographical location, type of article, or full text availability.

How do I view the articles?

Most, but not all, of the articles you find will be in full text, either html or pdf files. You can print, email, save, or download.

How do I cite the articles in my paper?

One click on the CITE link will create citations for the articles you wish to use in your papers and projects. Don't neglect to use this convenient feature!

Search for Articles

WorldCat Discovery is the library search engine that searches across 90+ databases in signle search. You can find millions of journal articles using Discovery. To search multiple keywords or filter results, click on 'Advanced Search'.

Selected Databases