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PHI212 - T. Verhey: Exploring Ethical Issues

Research resources for Dr. Verhey's 2022 section of PHI212 Intro to Ethics.

Finding a Topic

Locate a topic of ethical concern and discover where to find resources.

Reputable Websites

Evaluating Websites

Be sure to check out the Evaluating Websites page to learn some easy tips for evaluating information you find on the web. Many websites are partisan, slanted, and might contain incomplete information.

Evaluating Websites

Good Databases for Topic Exploration

Both SIRS Issues Researcher and Congressional Quarterly are databases that 'curate' or arrange information about current issues in a way that offers pro/con perspectives, historical background, news articles, scholarly articles, and websites to learn more. 

SIRS Issues Researcher

SIRS Issues Researcher curates current issues and controversies with pro/con essays, primary sources, historical background to modern controversies, news articles, and scholarly articles related to topics like abortion, marijuana legalization, etc. 

Congressional Quarterly (CQ) Researcher

CQ Researcher is a private news agency (not a govt. one despite the name) that seeks to analyze government policies; how to craft policies that affect positive changes and analyze the impact of government policies (ex. do gun control measures actually curb gun violence?).