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Business Resources: Company Research

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Tips for Finding Company Information

  • Is the company public or private?
  • Use Company Website. Explore Investor Relations, Media/News, Annual Reports.
  • Find Profile Reports using OneSource, RefUSA, and Business Market Research Databases.
  • Find journal and magazine articles from ABI/Inform. You can select the company and add terms and date ranges.
  • Find financial filings and SEC reports using EDGAR (only for public companies)
  • Identify Competitors and SWOT analysis found in OneSource and ABI/Inform.
  • If you search online (google) evaluate your information carefully. Many sites are blogs, commercial links, and sources you must pay for.

Types of Companies

Information on companies varies greatly depending on if it is public or private.

  • Public -Companies that offer stocks to the public and trade on the stock market are required to file financial information with the SEC, including the 10-K annual report. You can find a great deal of information on publicly traded companies.
  • Private-Private companies do not sell stock to the public and are often family owned. They are not required to provide financial information to the public, so it is harder to locate information beyond their website and articles from magazines and newspapers.
  • International -If an international company trades on the U.S. exchanges, there will be financial reports. Other sources of information could include news articles and the company website.