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Equine Studies: Selected Equine Websites

Find scholarly resources in equine studies

Evaluate Websites!


 You will need to EVALUATE the sites for credibility. Use the CARS CHECKLIST.

Better yet - consider using recommended websites and databases for your research!

CARS in a Nutshell

  • Credibility - trustworthy source, author’s credentials, evidence of quality control, known or respected authority, organizational support. Goal: an authoritative source, a source that supplies some good evidence that allows you to trust it.
  • Accuracy - up to date, factual, detailed, exact, comprehensive, audience and purpose reflect intentions of completeness and accuracy. Goal: a source that is correct today (not yesterday), a source that gives the whole truth.
  • Reasonableness - fair, balanced, objective, reasoned, no conflict of interest, absence of fallacies or slanted tone. Goal: a source that engages the subject thoughtfully and reasonably, concerned with the truth.
  • Support - listed sources, contact information, available corroboration, claims supported, documentation supplied. Goal: a source that provides convincing evidence for the claims made, a source you can triangulate (find at least two other sources that support it).

History of Modern Riding Links

 Academic Art of Riding Facebook page with great photos of the old masters. 

 Academic Art of Riding Website with lots of cool stuff about classical dressage

 The History of the American Hunter/Jumper Forward Riding System including an amazing video from Italy in 1929. 

Selected Sites - Various Equine Topics

Recommended by Jackie Dwelle

The International Museum of the Horse.   - located at the KY Horse Park.

American Equestrian Alliance - includes Equine Activity Statutes for all states

 MSU College of Law

 American Horse Council

 American Horse Publications Survey

 NCSU Cooperative Extension Service

 Clemson Cooperative Extension

 Body Condition Scoring System/Tarleton State University

 FÉDÉRATION EQUESTRE INTERNATIONALE - The international governing body of equestrian sport.  

 United Stated Equestrian Federation - Governing body of U.S. sports.

 The Equinest, a list of lists some links to Equine organizations  

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