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Literature Reviews: What is a Literature Review

Learn how to organize and compose a literature review

What is a Literature Review?

A literature review is a search and evaluation of published information in a particular subject area. Generally, the purpose of a review is to analyze critically a segment of a published body of knowledge through summary, classification, and comparison of prior research studies, reviews of literature, and theoretical articles. (Writing Center, University of Wisconsin)

What is a Literature Review? Tips and Tricks

Literature Reviews (The Writing Center, U. of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
Explain what literature reviews are and offer insights into the form and construction of literature reviews in the humanities, social sciences, and sciences.

Learn How to Write a Review of Literature 
Writing Center, University of Wisconsin 

 The Literature Review: A Few Tips on Conducting It  
Universtiy of Toronto, Health Sciences Writing Centre

What is A Literature Review?

Quick Overview of the Literature Review (Duke U)