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A guide to library services and resources for faculty members.
Resources and Services to Create Successful, Information Literate Students

DeTamble Library, along with our partners in the Learning Commons, work together to support the holistic needs of students; research and information literacy, tutoring services, counseling, and personal development. While the library offers traditional services like lending books, access to databases, and research help, we offer some services that you might not be aware of. 

You can schedule a library/information literacy instruction session, request or use an existing library guide for a course or academic discipline, partner with the librarian to embed library services in your Moodle course shell, and request instructional videos, handouts, and web pages to help your students find exactly what they need. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I find library resources for my academic discipline(s)?

You can look for Subject Guides in your teaching discipline. There are subject guides, topic guides (ex. avoiding plagiarism), and course guides that a librarian can compile for an individual course. If you see a missing subject or would like to have a course guide tailored to your course, contact Seth Allen.

How can I link articles and streaming video or ebooks to Moodle?

The Linking to Library Resources tab explains how to share a permanent link. Library staff can help you create persistent links that include the proxy so that all students on or off campus can access the information.

How can I place items on Reserve?

For books, DVDS, or other tangible resources, contact Seth Allen.

How do I schedule the Librarian to work with my Class on Research Skills?

Contact Seth Allen to work with your students in groups, as individuals, or visit your classroom. Research Guides can be tailored to your classes with links and suggested search strategies and databases.

Is Interlibrary Loan available?

Yes. Please see the ILL page for more information.

Can I get ebooks from other libraries?

Most libraries will copy a chapter from an ebook, but most cannot be shared.

How can I suggest library materials (books, DVDs, etc.) for purchase?

Contact the Library Director, Seth Allen.

Can I reserve a space to teach in the library?

DeTamble Library has several spaces that can be reserved by faculty or students. The first floor teaching space has a TV screen and a seminar-style table for classes of 4-5 students. For classes with up to 15 student, the second has two alcoves equipped with a whiteboard, podium, markers, etc. Contact Seth if you wish to reserve these spaces for presentations or meetings. Regular classes may also meet in the Library; please check with the Registrar’s Office.

Where can I find supplemental educational resources enrich my classes?

The Open Educational Resources (OERs) page contains a list of open access (i.e. freely available without traditional copyright restrictions) resources on the web; books, videos, and multimedia.

How can I stay abreast on current trends in higher education? Get ideas for course design and teaching?

The Faculty Development Guide has links to organizations, publications like The Chronicle of Higher Education, and resources (websites & books) to hone the craft of teaching.