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Faculty Services & Resources: Linking to Library Resources

A guide to library services and resources for faculty members.

What Does a Proxy Server Do?

A proxy server is a gateway - it ensures that you are a registered user and then routes you to subscription content (i.e. books, articles, videos that the library owns/leases)

Proxy Server

What is a Permalink?

Permalink example:

This is a permanent link to a library database:


Regardless of the database or type of source, a permanent link will always have the following prefix:


Linking to Library Resources

Sharing a link to a good library book or article is as simple as copying and pasting the address bar of your browser, right?  Not quite!  Most library resources are subscription-based and secured with a proxy server. A permalink (a.k.a. permanent link or permanent URL) contains a URL prefix (it goes before the URL that is unique to the resource) that prompts the user to log into St. Andrews network.  If you merely copy what's in the address bar, the person receiving the link will get an error message.

Look for a Permanent Link

In many databases, there is a button that says 'Permanent Link', "Permalink', or 'Permanent URL'. This is a link to the resource PLUS the proxy server info info that makes you use the St. Andrews gateway. In some cases, there's simply a 'Share' button , like in ProQuest databases.