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Writing & Citing: Citations Builders

How to cite info sources in various citation styles (ex. MLA, APA, Chicago, etc.)

Citation Builders

Remember that most databases (Proquest, Ebscohost, etc) and the Library Catalog WorldCAT will create your citations for you. When you use other sources, especially webpages, Citation Builders can be a helpful tool. Be sure that you enter all the information carefully including spelling and capitalization.


  • Make sure you select the correct citation style before you start (APA, MLA, etc.)
  • Check machine-generated citations for accuracy (they're NOT always accurate)

Citation Builders

Google Scholar 'Cite' Button

Google Scholar, a search engine of peer-reviewed articles and other scholarly content, has a 'Cite' button to cite items you find there.

This video discusses how to search and make the most of Google Scholar.

Searching Google Scholar

Around the 4 min. mark of this video, the 'Cite' button is demonstrated.

Getting a Citation from the Discovery System

The discovery system, the library's "search engine", has a tool to create citations in major citation styles (ex. APA, MLA). Watch this quick video to learn how to use it.


Note: Video has no sound.

Getting a Citation in ProQuest Databases

ProQuest is a database vendor for many databases at St. Andrews. You will recognize the green background, ProQuest logo, and database name in the top right-hand corner (see screenshot). Here is how you get citations in ProQuest Databases:


Note: Video has no sound.